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Welcome to D-Pict

All words and images © Deirdre Molloy 2006-2007 except quote:
"Life may sometimes be sad, but it's always beautiful."

Jamie Liddell



Today I walked alone
seeing Beauty all around
but especially in the decaying flowers
going to seed gracefully in the late September sun.

black bouquets and white fluffy tufts
bunched on bleached stalks
like an army of widows turned upside-down,
some armed with brown, spiky spears.

A crunchy feast for a field mouse
ripe and ready, seeking pastures new
a pigs back, a bird's belly, a gust of wind
to shake, to scatter, to fly, to fall.


Leap of Faith

Laid out below like an Irish flag
Are rich green and gold August fields
(an infinite series of polygons)
Topped with creamy white froth
and with a bent finger of colour
the rainbow joins the sea …